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Y'all are the lucky one's as it's being released here!!!


So, hello ANCHORED PEEPS!!!...Me and the guys have been working constantly since August of last year promoting and setting up tours with TKO. Our BRAND NEW FULL LENGTH "BENEATH THE SURFACE" was released 2 weeks ago (4/14)!! If you haven't yet PLEASE grab a copy for super cheap on Amazon ($9.49) iTUNES ($9.99) and $9.99 everywhere else. I'm going to announce 2 new things that are on me, but since getting this deal, my eyes are wide open and my heart is only bigger. To those of you that follow my page, my all access page and the ANCHORED FB THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT AND PATIENCE!!! So enough already. These "ANCHORED PACKS" that i'm putting together are gonna be SICK!! To the die hard frans that have been DSD1 (Dirty since day one) and all y'all just joining us welcome. So here's the cool collector expeirience.....


1. You will receive an ORIGINAL (ONLY 5K MADE AND WILL NOT BE RELEASED AGAIN) UNOPENED TRYND RECORDS ALBUM "Listen to This" (Please specify if u want it opened and signed) and there's under 150 copies left so hurry!! EXTREMELY RARE

2. Get an unopened DVD of our "Good Times...Bad Timing" 94min, 5.1 Dolby Digital, and over 30 mins of extras like tour documentary, and our craziness behind the scenes EXTREMELY RARE (750 left and WILL NOT BE RE-PRESSED!!(SPECIFY IF YOU WANT IT OPENED AND SIGNED.


You get ALL that for $30!!!...i have to tell you, if you come to a show This edition will run you $35 just for it. Listen to This (Deluxe Edition Digipack is $15 and so is our new album. $10 is unheard of. So, this, as I'm a fan as well!! I think is when you totally dig a band the coolest stuff to get. THE LIMITED EDITION PRODUCTS!! TO ORDER SEND A PRIVATE MESSAGE WITH YOUR ADDRESS AND HOW MANY PACKS YOU WANT TO THE ANCHORED FB. YOU WILL BE GIVEN THE ANCHORED PAY PAL ACCOUNT TO MAKE YOUR PAYMENT AND YOUR PACK WILL SHIP IN UNDER 3 DAYS. Trust me y'all this is a steal!!YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST :)



Anchored's Beneath the Surface PRESALE on iTunes NOW for only $9.99!!


Thanx to all yall for buying our new album Beneath the Surface via Pavement Entertainment PRESALE On iTunes available NOW!!

By doing so you get Throwin Down ft.Snoop and the Dogg Pound to tide ya over till the official release on 4/14!! Tour announcements coming soon!! Rock on!! \~~/.

BIG announcement on Anchored's FB page @3pm CST!!!


Well be announcing our new booking agency!! So grateful and excited!!

Anchored Monday 3/13


Meeting are going extremely well!! Please read my home page for more info!!

Thank y'all SO MUCH!! Please share!!

Anchored's Beneath the Surface release is just 35 days away!!


Hey y'all! Wanted to check in with ya with some new updates!

So, here we go....

We have a photoshoot with Keith Higgs of Monson Photography tomorrow 3/11.

Album will be released worldwide 4/14

Tours are being negotiated.

Please join the mailing list and comment on which cities you'd like us to hit!

Have 2 more interviews with Candy Gunn out of Nashville that are Nationally Syndicated!

I will let you know when and where the 1st interview airs, as it's also going to Rock Rage Radio UK!! and on 3/29 she's allowing me to take over the entire 2hr show!! She'll be interviewing too as well as me being the guest DJ so I get to pick bands I love to spin!! Candy is an AMAZING lady and we've formed a great friendship because of this.

As you know, Listen to This Digital Special remastered edition is available in my store! 

Same as the Limited edition Good Times Bad Timing DVD!!@$20. To receive the hard copies of both its only $25!! The Special Edition of Listen to This comes with the DVD as well due to it being a Digipack!! The DVD ONLY is a collectors limited edition that once it's gone it's gone!! Very RARE. So it's up to y'all. For hard copies of both make checks out to Brandan Narrell or send cash to 

Once again Hard copy CD/DVD Digipack $15 USD, DVD ONLY $20 USD tax included!

We love our new home with our record label Pavement Entertainment! and ALL of our new label mates!!

Tour info coming soon!

Love y'all and God bless!!




Everyone's gearing up in Anchored for this beautiful new year!! Pavement is hard at work on promo for our new album Beneath The Surface out WORLDWIDE 4-14-17!!! Tours are being booked and rehearsals are nearing!



Happy Monday!


Happy Monday y'all! I'm sure everyone's doing some almost final X~Mas shopping! Have fun and don't forget Anchored's 5yr Anniversary Edition of "Listen to This" is available in my store!! and all other media platforms!

Welcome to all, new, and long time Anchored frans!!


Clearly, since the announcement by our new label Pavement Entertainment releasing Beneath the Surface 4~14~17  things have been growing and growing!! I feel so blessed at the MASSIVE response, and new frans joining the ANCHORED FAMILY!! I can't thank y'all enough!! Positive things to many to name have been happening daily, to name acouple, the Anchored FB insights are all in the green and in very important areas we're up 730% to up 1200%!!, my Brandan Narrell All Access FB page has received over 300 likes just TODAY!! Our fans run (Brian Marcoe) and band approved Anchored Worldwide Club FB is growing and even was shared by Metal Legend Tim Ripper Owens (Judas Priest) today!! Also, my All Access page has been liked by my fav band and label mate Candlebox!! Such exciting times! Keep spreading the word and Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you and your families!!

I love you all!!




Hey y'all!!

As many of you already know, ANCHORED has signed a record deal with Pavement Entertainment!! This blog is for those of you that havent heard yet! I am so happy with our new home and label mates Candlebox, SOIL, Tantric, Head PE and many more!! anyone that knows me knows candlebox is like my fav band and now we're label mates!! Pavement is going to annoucement the release date very soon for somewhere between February and March 2017. ANCHORED will be touring a bunch in support of our new album "BENEATH THE SURFACE" produced by Jay Baumgardner (Linkin Park, Seether, limp bizkit, drowning pool, korn, 3 days grace, evanescence and way way to many to name) and mastered by Howie Weinberg (U2, Nirvana, and way more)! Can't wait to see all y'all on tour. Please get on Facebook and like ANCHORED and my brand new page, Brandan Narrell All Access. Much more news to come!! Happy Holiday's!!

In the mastering studio....


I've got word that everything is coming out amazing!! I'm a fan of this record and even I can't wait to hear the final product haha

Get ready y'all!!

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